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Medicare Planning Comes to Life

Your Medicare decision is a personal one

Take some time to review your options carefully – just like Jeff, Pilar, Neil and others.

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Meet Jeff

  • About to turn 65
  • Works hard to stay healthy and active
  • Ready to retire to enjoy more free time and recreation
  • Wants to protect his retirement income as much as possible
  • Takes medicine for high cholesterol

Jeff’s Choice:

A Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plan with prescription drug coverage included.

The extra benefits – dental, vision, hearing and fitness - offered by his Medicare Advantage plan will help Jeff stay healthy and independent. And this all-in-one coverage is easy to use; he won’t have to spend time coordinating care or paperwork. Jeff’s monthly premiums and out-of-pocket expenses will be low with this plan, and he’ll save money on his regular medications.

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Meet Pilar

  • 65 years old and retired
  • Has a steady and comfortable retirement income
  • Takes several medications for chronic conditions
  • Travels frequently to visit family around the country

Pilar’s Choice:

Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan AND a Part D prescription drug plan.

While it can be hard to manage more than one health plan, this option makes sense for Pilar. She has low out-of-pocket expenses for doctor visits, and prescription drug coverage. Plus, she can see any provider that accepts Medicare, which comes in handy if she needs medical care while she is traveling. With all these plans working together, Pilar feels like she has all her bases covered.

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Meet Neil

  • 65 years old
  • Meets income requirements for a SNP plan
  • History of diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Trying to take better care of himself
  • Wants to limit his out-of-pockets costs for frequent doctor visits

Neil’s Choice:

A Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan (SNP) with built-in prescription drug coverage.

A Medicare Advantage SNP is often the best choice for people like Neil who have chronic health conditions. Neil uses a plan created by his SNP care manager to make sure his health care needs are met. This also helps him stay on track with his health goals. Neil’s SNP coverage allows him to pay very little out of his own pocket for provider office visits and prescription drugs.

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Meet Shirley

  • 64 and about to retire
  • Sticks to a strict budget, so she can enjoy retirement without worries
  • Wants regular monthly premiums and no unexpected medical bills
  • Often travels around the country to visit national parks
  • Takes no prescription medication at this time

Shirley's Choice:

Once she is eligible, she’ll enroll in Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

Shirley will be able to see any provider that accepts Medicare while on her travels. Her deductibles, copays and coinsurance that aren’t covered by Original Medicare will be paid by her Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. This fits her lifestyle, and will make her budget happy.

Even though she doesn’t need it now, Shirley is considering a Part D prescription drug plan. She knows that if she waits to add it later, she may have to pay a penalty each month.

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Meet Patricia

  • Newly retired at 68
  • Married to Bob, 69, who retired two years ago
  • Has some mobility issues, but they don’t slow her down much
  • Moves to a warmer climate each winter, so she needs flexible coverage

Patricia’s Choice:

A Retiree Group Medicare Plan. Through her work, Barbara is eligible for a Blue Cross Group Medicare Advantage Open Access (PPO)SM plan. This option allows her to see any provider that accepts Medicare – no matter where she is. She also gets dental, vision, hearing and other benefits she needs to help her stay healthy. These benefits are richer than her other options, and the cost is much lower. Her husband, Bob, can also be covered by this plan.

Your health, budget, medications, income, how much you travel, and even your employer may affect your Medicare decision. By weighing all these factors and identifying what matters most, you’ll be able to find the Medicare plan that works best for you.

Now let’s talk about your scenario
and what plan is best for you!

Let's make this decision less overwhelming, shall we?

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